Possibly dead battery?



Tried emailing but I guess I might just as well write here too. Bought my nieces three Jewlebots in the beginning of this year. They have unfortunately remained unopened until today. We opened two today and when we try to follow the instructions to pair the devices the following happens:

  • We have charged the devices for some hours and there is a green light. I think I never saw a red light when it was first plugged in.
  • When we unplug the device the light shuts off. As long as the device is unplugged the button doesn’t do anything.
  • If I replug the device and then press the button short there is a rainbow animation and then the green light.
  • If I press short when the green light is on (and plugged in) the four lights start flashing green. Not sure what this means.
  • If I press for a little longer instead there is a white/pink light that fades out in about one second. Should this be pairing mode? Nothing happens after this, and the button doesn’t do anything. To make it responsive again I have to unplug it and replug it.
  • I’ve followed the instructions in the iPhone app to pair and was able to select the device, and the iPhone asked me if I wanted to pair. The watch then showed the white/pink light described above and the iPhone app told me I didn’t have any friends :frowning:
  • I’ve installed the IDE and followed the instructions to upload the sample code for lighting a single light (I’ve changed it to blue) and everything seems to work, it says firmware uploaded and the error which I am supposed to ignore on Mac displays. But when I unplug it the bit just dies and I am unable to test the code. It seems I have no way to activate it without being plugged in.

I really like your project and was looking forward to introduce it to my nieces. Is it possible that I’ve killed the battery by keeping it boxed for almost a year? Can I replace the batteries myself or can I send the bots to you and have them exchanged for working ones?

Thanks in advance!

/ Christoffer Wärnbring


Hello! Happy to help, just responded to your email.


Can you post the response to this forum so the rest of us have access to the answers to the stated issues?


I am having the same issue. I’d like to see the response too.


It’s probably faulty batteries. They are shipping me replacements now.


Same issue here with 1 of the Jewelbots. How can we get a replacement. Just email hi@jewelbots.com?


Yes! I’m sorry to hear the two of you are having the same issue. We’d love to help. Please email hi@jewelbots.com with your order information and we’ll get it resolved right away.