Program not running after upload


Hi all -

Today we’re doing a Girls’ Explore Tech event. I have my Jewelbot with me, which I got when they were first released, and we have two new Jewelbots here, freshly bought. We’re running into a peculiar problem.

With my Jewelbot, I can connect and upload a simple program. Once unplugged, my Jewelbot runs it.

Example code:

void setup() {

void loop() {
Animation animation;

However, with these new Jewelbots, they turn on, they connect, and I get the code uploaded. However, when I unplug the 'bots, the LEDs turn off and they do nothing. They should be fully charged, and the Arduino IDE says “Device programmed.” so it seems like it was a success - but it isn’t running.

The only difference I can think of is that my original Jewelbot had a firmware update I ran originally when I got it. When I set up the Arduino IDE on this new computer, I didn’t see the Firmware installer when adding boards. I read in one piece of documentation that the firmware was removed for being redundant? (Firmware Update not showing up on Arduino) Though the startup documentation still shows the Firmware step. ( Another problem might be that the batteries on these might be dead. It sounds like these Jewelbots were bought off eBay so that might be a problem as well.

Anyway, if I figure this out I’ll follow up, but I didn’t see any similar posts so I wanted to document the issue.



Hi Rachel, so sorry, this sounds like a battery issue. If you email us at hi at Jewelbots we can replace them.


I think the other volunteer is going to try to return it to who she bought it from. If we’re unable to do so, if you think it’s just a battery fix, maybe we can try to repair it for future learning events!





So Great!! Thank you for sharing the pic. Hope you do many more, let me know if we can be helpful for the future.