Programming FAQs


I’m getting an error I didn’t have before?
Try updating your Arduino Library board to make sure you have the most recent coding functions!
Go to Tools > Boards > Boards Manager. Search “j” to get the Jewelbots Arduino Lirary board. Then hit update!

I’m getting an error that says "failed to execute _main script"
This is an error Mac users get (and we’re not sure why yet!), but just ignore it. It doesn’t effect how your Jewelbot gets programmed! As long as it says “Device Programmed” at the end, then just unplug your Jewelbot to see the results!

There’s an error that says “Possible causes: -boot loader…” etc
Make sure you have the correct Board and Port selected. If you do, then make sure to put your Jewelbot in Upload Mode by pressing it for 2 seconds while plugged in when you hit the upload button.

When selecting the port, the “Port” option is grey and unclickable.

  • Try plugging your Jewelbot into another USB port on your computer.
  • If you are using a laptop, try having your laptop charger plugged in. If it is already plugged in and you’re having this issue, then try unplugging the charger.
  • Try restarting the Arduino IDE or restarting your computer.

I have Windows 7 and there’s an issue with my port
Try installing drivers from this website here.