The App is Out!


Hey Everyone!

The Jewelbots app is now on iTunes! If you have the time (and an iPhone) download the app and let us know what you think!


I tried it! It seems like a good start, though I’m looking forward to being able to do more. It’s telling me that I have no friends paired, though. I’m going to double check that I’m paired with my siblings’ Jewelbots and then try again later.


yeah, can you confirm? That would be a bug if it’s not seeing your friends.


I tried for a while last night, but now my Jewelbot won’t even pair with my iPad. I’m going to try again tonight, but I’ll be busy all day so it’ll have to wait until then. I can confirm that my Jewelbot is paired with my brother’s Jewelbot, so it’s possible that there’s a bug in the app. Is the app supposed to be able to tell you who you’re paired with even if their Jewelbots aren’t on?


Yes, it is supposed to be able to tell that. I’m going to look into in on my end, as well.

When you go to pair with your iPad, what happens?


Its pretty cool, but there isn’t much to do. I was hoping we would be able to make our Jewelbot light up or buzz when we got a text message or something like that. Otherwise, awesome job! I tried pairing my phone with my Jewelbot and it worked!

By the way, how long do you think it will take for the app to be able to do things like buzzing when you get a text message? I know it must be super hard to program an app to do that and it takes a lot of time but I am super excited for the app! :slight_smile: