Unboxing Videos/Photos


This is a thread for Alpha unboxing videos and photos.

Some of them are coming in by other channels, this is just a place to aggregate them.


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I received this photo and video from my brother today, more coming.


Here is the unadulterated video of Sumi receiving and opening her bot.


Izzy unboxing


@sara I’m wondering why I got different packaging than @glennblock. Mine was just a regular box that looked way different with a different charm and bands.


@Hero22 Glenn was in the Alpha program, which were the pre-release devices. His daughter, Sumi, helped us by testing the early devices. That’s the packaging the earlier devices came.


Oh ok thanks for letting me know!


Why do the Jewel bots no longer come in those colors for those wristband?


great question! Those were our alpha test units, so there were only a few made!


So does that mean the Orange wristband are left over from the alpha days and you just had a lot more of those than the other colors or the two colors that are available now are the ones that were most liked then


Great q! The orange ones are the ones made by our manufacturer, the green ones are ones we found online for the alpha. The alpha units were kind of jenky :).


Really like the green ones. Maybe you could make them for like an anniversary or some special event so others could get them? Just an idea… I could always buy something the same color somewhere else.


Yeah! True, that’s a good idea.