Whoops. Broke the Bot


I didn’t actually damage the code or anything valuable, just as I was trying to take the charm of to charge it, this happened…

My mom can superglue it back together, just letting all you guys know to be careful taking the charm off.

Broke on side of the casing

Oh, good to know. Thanks for the warning.


Okay, thanks for the warning! Don’t worry, I broke MANY things! :slight_smile:


Did the superglue work ? Same thing happened with ours but superglued piece broke right away after fixing the strap to wrists. I am going to try to attach some velcro and see if that works better.


Hey Mark, let us replace it! Will you let me know your address in a DM?


Thank you so much for the offer … will contact you.


Not really, but they normally replace it for you!