Zine No. 2 Is out!


Hey all @Ambassadors

Zine No. 2 is hot off the press, and you should have gotten an email about it!

However, you will notice that the link from the image leads you to our new Zine Page on our website! As the Jewelbots Zine promotes lots of awesome STEM :microscope: and girl power :raising_hand: content, we want everyone to be able to be inspired!

Don’t worry though because Jewelbots Ambassadors are the only ones who can participate in earning free merch and exclusive discounts :heart: !!

Accidentally, there were supposed to be two emails though, one for ambassadors that included a link to Zine 2 pdf and one for our newsletter that linked to the website. A new email will be sent with the digital zine shortly. Also, on the forums, I’ve created an Exclusive category that only those under the Ambassador group can see! Check it out!

Due to the cost of printing, we can no longer send out physical copies for free to Ambassadors. However, if you check out the Exclusive category, a special Jewelbots Ambassador discount code should be available for getting a zine subscription! Again though, it wont’ change us from sending our Ambassadors love in the mail :sparkles:

Comment below if there’s any questions or concerns! :blush:


So there will be another email with the zine in it?


Yes! Sorry for the confusion.

You can also check out the Exclusive category that I just added!


Yup! Just saw. When is the zine being emailed?


Oh never mine I just saw it on the exclusive page


What do you think?


It was good!


Umm, hi I’m new to the whole ambassador thing and I was just wondering; what is a zine?


It’s like a mini magizine with informational articles in it. In this case it’s about Jewelbots!


Cool! Thank you!